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5G Installation and Repair:

5g tower

5G brings a collection of new technologies, and the most popular are small cells. Dan Combs Consulting (DCC) has years of experience installing, commissioning, integration, and repair of Small Cells in Michigan. Small Cells are ideally suited to help deliver 4G and 5G connections where they are needed most. Small cells are miniature cell phone towers that can be placed in inconspicuous places such as light poles and the roof tops. They don’t require as much power as full-sized towers, can exist more discreetly, and perform better when clustered together. Small cells are a cost-effective way of increasing the number of cell sites with high user demand and to fill in areas not covered by the macro network. Metro Detroit communities are looking to small cells to eliminate the need for lager cell towers. This improves coverage on city streets and metro areas. 5G nodes that transmit and receive data to provide network coverage and capacity to densely populated environments. They strengthen coverage and data transfer speeds where devices would otherwise compete for bandwidth. In addition, small cells have been shown to extend handset battery life by reducing power draw, which saves energy overall.

DCC is your expert 4G/5G small cell installation and repair specialist in all of Michigan.

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