Dan Combs Consulting Services

Integration and Commissioning:cell tower intergration

DCC's Integration technicians will expertly provide integration, commissioning, configuration, troubleshooting, and testing of 5G, 4G/TE, CDMA, and UMTS cellular/mobile technology equipment. DCC will deploy to cell site locations, whether on a pole or a 2000' communication tower, DCC can successfully install, integrate, commission, and troubleshoot your site.  DCC can provide our excellent end-to-end turnkey solutions to new site builds, troubleshooting, decommissioning, and carrier adds. 

DCC has the expertise to install and service all systems including installation, integration, testing, transport, alarm, power, ground, cell site routers, and E911 call testing.  DCC will load software and scripts to ensure capabilities are designed, integrated, call, and speed tested, deployed, and maintained properly.  Upon completion, DCC will provide photos and close out documentation for the entire cell site.